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CISMA 2023 exhibition area has a new change!


2023 CISMA-China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition


Exhibition time: September 25-28, 2023

Exhibition Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Exhibition theme: Intelligent sewing technology and digital complete solutions

Exhibition area: 138,000 square meters

Since the launch of CISMA 2023, more than 1,100 companies have registered. According to the exhibitors’ registration and exhibits, CISMA-2023 has made new adjustments in the exhibition area settings. Meanwhile, during the registration period, many exhibitors asked how to choose the correct exhibition hall, and I am now going to introduce the exhibition area setting in detail.

As the first CISMA held in the post-epidemic era, especially since the implementation of the new epidemic prevention policy, CISMA 2023 has 12 exhibition halls and 138,000 square meters of exhibition space, making it the world’s largest professional sewing machinery exhibition. There are four exhibition areas, namely “Sewing Machine” in Halls W1-W5, “Sewing and Integrated Equipment” in Halls E1-E4, “Embroidery and Printing Equipment” in Hall E5, and “Embroidery and Printing Equipment” in Halls E6-E4. The “Sewing Machine” section in Hall E1-E4, the “Sewing & General Equipment” section in Hall E5, the “Embroidery & Printing Equipment” section in Hall E5, and the “Functional Parts & Accessories” section in Hall E6-E7.

2023 CISMA-China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition

Compared with previous editions, the most obvious change of CISMA 2023 is the establishment of Hall E1-E4 as the “Sewing and Integrated Equipment” exhibition area. As the automation and intellectualization process of the sewing machinery industry continues to accelerate, the cross-border integration of sewing equipment is developing rapidly, the boundaries of “before sewing, during sewing and after sewing” are accelerating, the user field is extending, and the demand for intelligent sewing technology and complete solutions is increasing. According to the person in charge of China Sewing Machinery Association, the organizer of CISMA, the applications for the exhibition of complete machines and pre-sewing and post-sewing products are very active, and the total declared area has exceeded 50% of the actual exhibition area. Therefore, the CISMA organizer has expanded the “Sewing and Integrated Equipment” exhibition area from Hall E1-E3 to Hall E1-E4 as an extension and enhancement of Hall W, focusing on new technologies and applications covering the whole sewing industry chain.


Exhibition Area Division

Hall W1-W5: The “Sewing Machine” section will showcase commonly used and special industrial sewing machines, household sewing equipment, automatic sewing units, automatic sewing production lines, industrial sewing equipment for leather bags, sewing and sealing equipment, sewing equipment CNC and drive systems, etc.

Hall E1-E4: “Sewing and Integrated Equipment” section, which includes pre-shrink fusing equipment, fabric pulling and cutting equipment, laser engraving and cutting equipment, ironing and finishing equipment, software and auxiliary equipment, logistics management equipment and systems, and other pre-sewing and post-sewing equipment.

Hall E5: “Embroidery and Printing Equipment” zone, as one of the important categories of sewing machinery, embroidery machine still retains its independent exhibition area, mainly exhibiting embroidery equipment and printing equipment.

Hall E6-E7: “Functional parts and auxiliary products” exhibition area, mainly exhibiting spare parts, fabric and auxiliary materials, auxiliary products, etc.


Registration Process

Online registration on the official website is the only channel for CISMA2023 exhibitors. Exhibitors should visit https://www.cisma.com.cn/ and click “Registration” on the top left to enter the registration portal. If your application is approved and the relevant fees are paid on time, your application will be valid.

Registration on the English website: http://crm.cisma.com.cn/CISMAExpoEn


Booth Allocation

The first batch of booth notices will be issued in mid to late April, and the standard booth notices are expected to be issued in June and July. Please wait patiently for successful applicants, and the organizer will contact you in time.


Warm Tips

Exhibitors should declare the relevant exhibition hall and exhibition area according to the actual demand. The organizer will make more detailed adjustments and divisions in booth allocation based on the actual registration situation and the comprehensive starting point of exhibitors’ needs and exhibition effects.


For related inquiries, please contact

CISMA official QQ800111540

Tel: 010-65242231.

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