How to excite a woman

There are always two people in sex – a man and a woman, and if one of them loses his desire, then the other does not get the desired physical and moral satisfaction. The situation in which it is the partner who does not want to have sex is not at all uncommon, because the fairer sex is not only more impressionable, but also more dependent on the state of health in this matter. It happens that a man is cold in bed during his wife’s pregnancy or after the birth of a child. However, even without that over time, the passion in the relationship subsides, and to ignite it, you need to try hard.

What a man can do

Reluctance to make love is not always due to psychological reasons. Often during intercourse, the woman is not excited enough, or she does not get enough lubrication, so sex brings her discomfort, not pleasure. This is especially unpleasant for women during the menopause, when hormonal restructuring of the body begins, and vaginal dryness is an inevitable symptom. There may also be a decrease in libido, which negatively affects the overall condition of the body. In this case, there are several solutions, depending on the man as well. First, he should pay more attention to the preliminary caresses to bring the beloved to the most aroused state. Do not neglect erotic massage, gentle touches, and for a change use special gels, creams and other accessories.

The second solution – to try special female stimulants (such as Viagra), which act so that sex necessarily ended with an orgasm, and the process was pleasant and comfortable. You can get access to special medications here

No less important on the part of the man to let his woman understand that she is the most desirable, attractive and sexy. For women, unlike men, who need a picture, it is imperative to receive compliments from her husband. Only this way they will be confident and will reciprocate. And if insecurity takes place, then the pleasure of sex is reduced to zero. The girl can not relax and receive from the man all the emotions that he tries to give.

Family life is not a hindrance

Married couples spend a lot of time together, know almost everything about each other, so sex for them can become boring, or even disappear of desire on the part of the woman. To avoid this happening, a man should actively combat the routine of a long relationship. Jointly planned vacation just the two of them will help in this. A change of scenery, the lack of need to go to work in the morning works wonders – the woman has a desire, which in turn inspires a man.

However, ignite the desire in a woman can, and not leaving home, but this must be necessarily devoted to his beloved time, forgetting about everything else – work, friends, social networking and even children, because only a harmonious family in all respects, and in sex in the first place, will be a good example for them. If there are still problems, you can also try special medications. You can buy them here