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Cangzhou Tianxiong Packaging Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd. after several years of hard work carefully organized planning, from plant and equipment, science and technology, market share, has formed a scale. Existing products YHGK2 series, YHGK3 series, YHGK35 series, YHGN20 series, YHGK608-1 series, YHGK606-1 series, YHGB66 series, YHGB4-1 series, YHGK9-2 type, with an annual output of tens of thousands of sewing machine manufacturing capacity.

The company with its high-quality products and excellent service to win the user wide praise, science and technology as the guide, quality of survival, reputation for the market, has made great progress. 2005 passed the ISO9001 ** quality certification, is now formed in the north of the production of sewing machine main manufacturers.

In order to adapt to the higher demand, the company set a higher starting point, the establishment of a competent workforce, strict process control, reliable product quality, quality sales service, realistic and innovative, manufacturing fine spirit of enterprise with the country’s new and old users in good faith and cooperation, and seek common development.

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