We is industrial sewing machine manufacturer in China, offer special industrial sewing machine of lockstitch sewing machine, industrial blindstitch machine, overlock machine, Chainstitch sewing machine, carpet overedging machine and button sewer. We not only focus on researching new products but also strictly control the quality of our special industrial sewing machine. We are sewing equipment manufacturer, offer blindstitch machine for sewing clothes, trousers, collar, pants and trousers pocket. We are ISO9001 certified sewing machine supplier, offer wide range of industrial sewing equipment for garment factories, already exported special sewing machines to 50 countries, locates in Zhejiang, welcome.

Sewing Equipment

Blindstitch Machine

Feed-off-the-arm Chainstitch Sewing Machine

High Speed Double Needles Lockstitch Sewing Machine

High-speed Chainstitch Sewing Machine

Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Carpet Overedging Sewing Machine

Button Sewer

Denim Sewing Machine

Cycle Machine

Bar Tack Machine

Electronic Button Hole Machine