Carpet Overedging Sewing Machine CM-2502

Applications of Carpet Overedging Sewing Machine CM-2502:

 Elegant designed industrial special sewing machine for overedging heavy duty carpets, rugs, blankets jute and jute bags.

Features of Carpet Overedging Sewing Machine CM-2502: 

1. Chainstitch overlocking seaming method.
2. Low noise, high efficiency and long service life.

Specifications of Carpet Overedging Sewing Machine CM-2502: 

Mode: Chainstitch overlock
Four types: CM-2502, 2503, 2502K, 2503K
Speed: Max 3, 000s.p.m
Width of overedging: 12-15mm
Stitch gap: 1.2-5.2mm
Needle No: 7713-26/230
Max stitch length: 1-10mm 
CM-2502: one needle two threads 
CM-2503: one needle three threads 
CM-2502-K:one needle two threads with knife 
CM-2503K:one needle three threads with knife 

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